What is the treatment for a kidney infection?

Most of the time, the treatment for a kidney infection is possible at home with just a course of some antibiotics and paracetamol if needed, i.e. whenever a person has a fever. However, kidney injection is not common, but some of the researchers related it with Kidney stone as its pain occurs at kidney stone pain area.

Causes of Kidney Infection:

kidney infection

Most commonly it occurs when bacteria’s enters into the kidney through the urinary tract. However, these bacteria’s spreads into the bloodstream through kidneys. It may occur due to kidney stones. Also, it may occur after kidney stone removal surgery. However, there are some similarities between kidney stone and kidney infection.

Symptoms of Kidney Infection:

Most of the people believe that pain in the lumbar region, i.e. lower abdominal area occurs due to kidney infections. But it is a wrong concept.

So, where the pain occurs?

It feels at the flank region, i.e. area either sides of the spine at the bottom of the ribcage and just above the hips. It usually occurs on one side but may occur on both sides as well. 

Other symptoms involve:



Increase the frequency of urination




Antibiotics for Kidney infections:

Antibiotics are the first-line treatment against any infection. It depends upon the condition of the patients and varies on upon the choice of doctor, that what drugs you should use.

Commonly the signs and symptoms of kidney infection appear clear within a few days. But antibiotics are needed for a week. However, the patient should take the entire course according to doctor’s prescription.

Severe Kidney Infections:

If the patient has severe kidney infection doctor might admit the patient to the hospital. Treatment commonly includes antibiotics and some other drugs as well.

Treatment of recurrent kidney infections:

It may occur again due to misshapen. Better is to refer the patients towards the specialists instead of a kidney specialist.

Home Remedies for Kidney Infection:

However, medical treatment has a lot of importance, but still, some peoples prefer home remedies. Although not all time these remedies may sometimes help due to severe infection people should prefer medical treatments instead of home remedies. Home remedies may help to decrease symptoms or helps to relieve pain.

Some common home remedies are:

Drink a lot of water:

Drinking a lot of water is always a benefit not only in kidney infection but in many other problems of kidney and urinary tract. Water helps to flush bacteria’s from the body so that infection may be recovered quickly. It also clears the pages way too.

Avoiding beverage:

The beverage contains alcohol which produces toxins and other harmful substances, both alcohol and beverage require extra work for kidney, which may damage the kidney. However, the condition may become worst when antibiotics and alcohol are used at the same times.

Get Some Vitamin C:

Mostly Vitamin C is given to kidney stone pain. However, Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant that protects the tissues of the body. On the other hands, it also helps in the prevention of kidney infections.

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