Mustered Oil Benefits

Hair Health with mustered Oil

  1. Every day you wash your head with natural soap or anything which is you available.
  2. You do long sajdah(Islamic Pray) if or do yoga like sajdah
  3. You must wash head with Luke warm water at the time sunrise, if winter you wash after 2 or 3 days. After washing you clean your head with towel and 2-3 minutes massage your hair with mustard leaves oil with nails
  4. Why you must use your nails because we have run one sort of tractor our head, don’t worry if you feel I do this like message my hair was falling.
  5. We use nails with message means we have hair holes their not responding to grow  that also renewing
  6. You do this regularly and possible to stand with your head 2 minutes slowly increase to 5 minutes.
  7. This tip is simple and easy thousands of peoples they got excellent results.

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